about yayoi


Pursuing a new Japonism, the body care series “yayoi” was born

Close your eyes and breathe in the scent, and you will feel nostalgic, yet new. The new body care products with the scent of “Japonism” have debuted. The brand “yayoi” opens the door to beauty by fusing the senses of two countries: the delicate and elegant Japanese and the chic and elegant French.


Based in Japan, the fragrance is from France. The two countries meet and their fascinating beauty blossoms.

We have carefully selected natural ingredients that have been popular in Japan for a long time, such as shiso, yuzu, green tea, sesame, black beans and rice bran. We sought to create a product that is delicate and comfortable to use, with the body and hair benefits that only a Japanese born product can provide. On the one hand, the fragrance is created by a renowned French perfumer. It is not a simple “Japonism”, but a fresh aroma with the image of “Japan as seen by the world”. yayoi is a body care series born of the fusion of the senses of two countries, and it is a body care series that Japanese people and people from all over the world will want to have in their hands every day.



The origin of the name “yayoi”

The “y” in the logo stands for the collar of a kimono, which represents the image of a new generation of Japanese women who are graceful yet dignified, standing on their own accord. Also, “yayoi” is a word that reminds us of the “Yayoi era” that arose through active overseas exchange. The name of the brand reflects the idea that we will continue to propose high-quality “Japonism”.