Voile de Purte (conditioner)

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The Tonique® 100ml (You can apply it to hair)Of the Omni Paris Paris spa products, the Japanese customer has evaluated them most, and the oil "Te Tonic" has finally been released, which has been waiting for the release of home care products.◆Multi dry oil wrapped in a refreshing scent of green tea and citrusThis satin-like dry aroma oil with a delicate scent is a luxurious oil that fulfills all of your feelings of comfort, skin smoothness, and the senses. Blended using the features of 5 vegetable oils. Sweet almond is a nutritious ingredient that protects skin from dryness, moisturizes, smoothes, firms and restores skin. In addition, it has the effect of calming the skin. Camellia has high nutritional content, smoothes and moisturizes the skin. Apricot Kernel An ingredient that regenerates, nourishes and smoothes the skin. Flax oil moisturizes, regenerates and smoothes the skin. Soothes and protects hazelnut skin.◆ Not only for face and body, but also for hair care. Take an appropriate amount, apply to face and body several times, and massage gently. You can also use it on hair. [Proposal by Omnisans] When applied to the body after taking a shower, the skin immediately regains moisture and softness while being surrounded by a refreshing and healing scent of green tea and citrus.