Zest de Purte (body soap)

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Fragrance powder with pearl shine and silky delicate scent Add a sparkle and fragrance to the final finish before going out. The natural powder for face and body has the scent of Lefré de Sois, which is reputed as "loved fragrance". <

>-Pearl powder Natural pearl powder gives your skin a shine. Also, because it is rich in minerals, it revives cells. -Mica (mica) It has the effect of brightening your skin, and even the slightest iridescent particles blur fine wrinkles and make them inconspicuous. ≪Features≫-By mixing a small amount of powder into your normal compact powder and using it, the aroma of Lefure de Sois will rise from your skin. -It will cover stains etc. -Make it shine in a natural rainbow color. -"Rufure de Sois", the scent most preferred by men, which is reputed as "loved and fragranced", gives a secret scent at an unexpected moment. "Rufure de Sois" is a powder that can be used by men. Paraben and silicon are not used. <> (at home) Gently tap on the face, dressed-up décolleté, arms, legs, and other areas where you want it to shine, and apply it gently. After a hectic makeup in the morning, lightly tap with a puff to add shine. By hitting lightly with a puff before going out in the evening, you can produce a radiant skin that reflects the light of the light. Even if you want to rest your skin or spend a weekend with no makeup, you can apply a light puff to your face to make your skin brighter.