yayoi Precious Beauty Oil 30ml

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Increases the circulation, moisturizing, firmness, and brightness.

yayoi Precious Beauty Oil 30ml

The delicate Japanese sensibilities and the sophisticated French sensibilities meet and become one.
The long-awaited face care series is now available from the brand "yayoi" that pursues a new "Japanese". The first is beauty oil.

Aging care with the power of carefully selected botanical ingredients. It brings out the potential of sleeping skin and leads to unseen beauty.


If you increase the circulation, your skin will be beautiful. 

yayoiThe theme of face care is "Meguri".
Based on the concept of "Qi, blood, water" in Kampo, we will circulate them in a well-balanced manner and grow healthy skin. 

What is Qi, blood, and water?
Ki: Energy that maintains life activities and is the source of activities
Blood A red liquid in the body. Carry oxygen and nutrients to every corner of the body
A transparent liquid in the body such as water lymph. Moisturizes the whole body 

This oil was developed by a trainer who has experience in a 5-star hotel spa for treatments at the spa. The item will also be released for home use.


With the blessings of selected plants, your skin will be plump and clear. 

I want to improve the circulation of the skin, moisturize it firmly, and lead to skin that does not care about aging signs. To achieve this purpose, "yayoiThe oil contains carefully selected botanical ingredients.
Of particular interest is the plant-derived retinol substitute ingredient "bakuchiol." In addition, "Centella asiatica extract" known for deer cream is also included.
Various plants are harmonized to approach almighty problems such as dryness, lack of elasticity, wrinkles, and dullness. In addition, it suppresses inflammation and is effective against rough skin caused by masks.
Immediately after applying it, my skin is filled, and the next morning, I touch my skin and look in the mirror. We are proud of the high level of realism that will satisfy even those with a high sense of beauty. 

・ Jojoba oil & squalane
Used as a product base. High moisturizing effect.
Oat oil
vitaminANDIt contains a lot of antioxidants and has excellent antioxidant power.
Sagi oil
It is rich in palmitoleic acid, which is called "youthful fatty acid".
Yuzu seed oil
Gives the skin a sense of transparency.
Centella asiatica extract
Popular as a compounding ingredient in deer cream. It suppresses the inflammation of the skin that tends to fluctuate and leads to healthy skin.
Vitamins extracted from legumes, BabuchiA= Retinol alternative ingredient. It supports the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin, and can be expected to respond to firmness, elasticity and wrinkles. Unlike retinol, it is less irritating and stable to UV rays.

* Silicon and paraben-free.


Textures and scents that make your heart happy every time you blend in
It spreads smoothly on the skin and immediately penetrates. A light film remains on the surface of the skin, and it is filled with moisture but does not become sticky.
This feeling is obtained because it is a well-balanced combination of jojoba oil, which is said to be close to sebum, and vegetable oils such as squalane.
Also, from the moment you pick it up, the scent of yuzu and honey drifts a little, and you feel at ease. Skin care time turns into a happy time.

<How to use>

Take an appropriate amount in the morning and evening and apply it to your skin. You can use it as a booster immediately after washing your face or at the end of skin care.OK.. You can mix it with your own cream or apply it to your hair. It is attractive that it can be used for multiple purposes.