yayoi Moisturizing Precious Cream 50g

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The potential of the skin blossoms with the power of plants.

yayoi Moisturizing Precious Cream 50g

Carefully selected botanical ingredients play a leading role in the response. The hidden power of nature works against aging and awakens the beauty of the skin.

When blended in, it leaves the skin feeling soft and rich. A veil of moisture envelops the skin, protecting it from dryness until night if applied in the morning, and until morning if applied at night.
It contains Bactiol, a retinol-like ingredient, for wrinkle-free, dignified, and resilient skin. In addition, Astragalus membranaceus extract and Plantage White EX, a powerful Wakano-Chinese complex ingredient, help dispel dullness and lead to translucent skin.

Next generation retinol and bactiol act strongly and gently

Since ancient times, Japanese people have loved familiar plants and made the most of them in their daily lives.
Yayoi" incorporates the power of such plants into its skincare products. The following are some of the plants that we have incorporated into our skincare products: osmanthus, kanzo, and astragalus. ....... The power of nature is fully demonstrated to approach the skin. It is natural, yet highly functional. Of particular note is the inclusion of "Bactiol," a much-talked-about botanical retinol ingredient. Bactiol, an extract from the seeds of a leguminous plant called Holland's vetch, is an ingredient with efficacy equivalent to that of retinol. It can be used for any skin type and is known to be more stable than retinol.
Bactiol plumps up the furrows of wrinkles and revives elastic skin.


<Main Plant Ingredients>

Retinol-like action. Gives elasticity and treats wrinkles.

・Tuboxa Extract
Popular as a "deer" ingredient in Korean cosmetics. Normalizes metabolism and treats dullness.

・Adlay extract
Activates metabolism and gives a sense of transparency.

・Polysaccharides of Phellinus linteus
An ingredient with moisturizing, barrier improvement, and antioxidant effects.

・Polysaccharide of Glycyrrhiza japonica
A rare moisturizing ingredient that has been talked about for its water retention ability that surpasses that of hyaluronic acid.

・Deep sea water from Muroto
It increases moisture retention and elasticity, and has a preventive effect on skin aging.

・Plantage White EX (osmanthus root extract, jujube fruit extract, wormwood flower extract, magwa root bark extract, and kanzo root extract)
Provides transparency.

Other ingredients include rice fermented extract with water retention properties, shiso leaf extract with anti-inflammatory properties, and someiyoshino cherry extract that is effective against rough skin.

Contains no silicone or parabens.