yayoi solid perfume

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Glittering yuzu like a clear sky and floral and sweet honey scent.
The popular scent of yayoi is made into a stick-type kneaded perfume-solid perfume.

Harmony of France and Japonism
The juicy yuzu flesh and the bitterness of the skin eventually shift to the sweet scent of floral and honey, wrapping it comfortably.

Japan symbolized by Yuzu, France felt with honey and floral.
A fragrance where the esprits of two countries meet.
Stick type, anytime, anywhere
It's because of the solid perfume that you can wear it casually at home or on the go.

Easy to use. Just pull it out like a lipstick and attach it to any part of your body.
If you apply it to your wrists, neck, and behind your ears before meeting people, the scent will fluffy as you move, and you will secretly insist. The point is that shea butter and jojoba oil are added to make your skin happy.